Workshop on Antisocial Behaviour Detection

March 5-6, 2019, Tel Aviv, Israel

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Online antisocial behaviour, such as spreading of misinformation, but also hate speech, cyber-bullying, etc. presents a serious problem, which has a a critical overreach to society. For example, misinformation which is often spread by the means of social networks, influences opinions of people and consequently, their decisions (e.g., during voting or whether they should take a medical treatment). In case of medical treatments, it can cause avoidable deaths of patients or outbreaks of diseases which could be effectively suppressed by vaccination. The challenges regarding antisocial behavior include its characterization, automatic and timely detection, and mitigation.

Workshop on Antisocial Behaviour Detection organized as a part of REBELION and MISDEED projects provides a forum for discussion of these challenges and identification of perspective approaches addressing them. The researchers are invited to present their advances as well as work-in-progress. We are interested in novel methods capable of automatic detection of these phenomena using machine learning, natural language processing, but also utilizing the work of crowd or experts. We are equally interested in novel tools and infrastructures for data collection and its annotation and for detection as well as mitigation of antisocial behaviour.


Important dates

  • Paper submission deadline: February 28, 2019
  • Workshop dates: March 5 – 6, 2019

Accepted abstracts

Title Authors
Gaze Patterns in Misinformation Consumption and Detection Jakub Simko, Robert Moro & Maria Bielikova Download
Misinformation and Fake review Pooria Jafari Download
Monant: Platform for Monitoring of Antisocial Behaviour Ivan Srba & Robert Moro Download
Multilingual Transfer Learning in the Context of Antisocial Behaviour Matus Pikuliak & Marian Simko Download
Multiview Data Analysis and Machine Learning in Understanding and Ivan Srba & Jakub Ć evcech Download
Validity Estimation of Medical Claims Anat Hashavit & Sarit Kraus Download
Text Generation in the Context of Antisocial Behaviour Michal Farkas & Peter Lacko Download
Text Summarization and Generation in Social Media Samuel Pecar & Marian Simko Download
The Role of Recommender Systems in the Misinformation Spread and Michal Kompan Download
Fake News Detection by Using Emotionally Coloured Words Igor Stupavsky & Daniela Chuda Download


Editors: Ivan Srba & Robert Moro

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